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A space created for you to powerfully experience the perfection of your own CLARITY and KNOWING.


Sensitive Self Care offers unique online experiences designed to help you become the master of your emotional life. Check out The Ultimate Guide to Calming the EFF Down and stay tuned, as more one of a kind online courses, guides and Immersive Discovery Quests (I-Quests) are on their way.




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Dr Joanna Perkins, Cultural Studies, Ph.D.​​​​​​​
Joanna Perkins is an award-winning scholar with a background focused on critical psychology, education and philosophy. Prior to creating Sensitive Self Care, Joanna spent several years teaching at the university level. Years of interdisciplinary studies, travel, and deep contemplation have given her unique insight into common patterns of thought and emotion within Western culture. Sensitive Self Care has been created to share these insights in order to help you discover your next level of emotional empowerment.

Private coaching is available by application only. For more information, please contact here.



What's so unique about how Dr. Joanna Perkins understands emotions is also what I find to be unique about her understanding of *everything*! She is the only person I have ever met who literally sees the bright side of it all. She not only sees it, but also shows others how to see it, and to see it with so much brightness that it isn't about sides anymore. There's no bright/dark, bad/good, or any other judgement. There's just the way that feels good — because it's the truth. Her vision is entirely unique, and so ahead of the pack. Everything she does sparkles!

Casey Campbell
Author, I See Hearts Everywhere and founder, Today Is Magical


Dr. Joanna Perkins' interdisciplinary approach to understanding the emotions is groundbreaking. She has an outstanding ability to convey complex ideas using a combination of psychology, critical theory, popular culture and personal examples. Her work informs the way she lives her life and she is someone of profound ethics and radical reflection.

Dr. Hans Skott-Myhre
Musician, Sweet and Salty Blues Band, and Professor of Human Services, Kennesaw State University