Crazy-Ass Money Beliefs

This post is for the ThetaHealers. I've set an intention to manifest more money, so I've been doing a lot of healing around money recently and had a bit of a freak out the other day. I just became super overwhelmed and discouraged, so I decided to journal it all out. After some mental kicking and screaming, I told Creator I had enough of this bullshit, and I DEMANDED money NOW. 

While money did not fall from the sky, I did receive over 4 pages of crazy-ass money beliefs. I was inspired to share some of the beliefs, as well as some insights with you here.

I came to the realization that my money frustrations were not due to LACK of money as I thought, but were actually all associated with HAVING money since I actually have the most money/abundance I think I've ever had in my life.

While we have beliefs based on lack, the subconscious mind does not register lack. So even the tiniest bit of money we have is registered as having money. Most of us - even when we think we have 'no money' - do actually have SOME money. And so, any frustrations we have around lack of money - or even life in general - become associated with the money we have which can then prevent us from attracting more money. And then of course we have created such associations throughout our entire lifetime, and past lifetimes.

I'm sharing a few of the highlights below. My bottom beliefs were about giving all my power to money. I've listed the bottom beliefs first, and then some of the more interesting associations below. It's worth testing some of the more specific beliefs as certain one's may be more meaningful to you than others. Ask Creator to release them and guide you to replacements that are in your highest and best.

Bottom beliefs

  • Money is power
  • Money is God
  • Money is my freedom
  • Money is more powerful than me
  • Money is more powerful than God
  • I give all my power to money
  • Money makes me feel powerless
  • Money gives me power
  • All of my experiences are associated with money
  • I need money to survive
  • Money = life
  • Money = death
  • Money = pain
  • Money silences me
  • Money overpowers my truth
  • Money punishes me

Other beliefs and associations

  • Money makes me poor/rich
  • Money makes me lonely
  • Money makes me scared
  • Money makes me ashamed 
  • Money makes me a failure
  • Money makes me angry
  • Money makes me sad
  • Money makes me happy
  • Money makes me fat/skinny
  • Money makes me arrogant
  • Money makes me a burden
  • Money makes me want for nothing
  • Money makes me guilty
  • Money makes me feel undeserving and unworthy
  • Money makes everything better/worse
  • Money makes me feel abandoned
  • Money makes me poor
  • Money creates obligations
  • Money obligates me
  • Money confuses me
  • Money creates angst
  • Money creates stress
  • Money creates security
  • Money relaxes me
  • Money makes things easy
  • Money overwhelms me
  • Money helps me
  • Money helps me, no
  • Money is lack
  • Money feels like lack
  • Money takes away my money
  • Money kills enjoyment
  • Money takes care of me
  • Money breaks/creates trust
  • Money creates freedom
  • Money creates security
  • Money creates hunger
  • Money creates anger and sadness
  • Money creates conflict
  • Money = misery and sadness
  • Money creates regrets
  • Money creates rejection
  • Money creates resentment
  • Money = murder
  • Money = hate
  • Money lets me do whatever I want
  • I need money's permission to do whatever I want
  • Money creates judgement
  • Money releases judgement
  • Money = self-sabatoge
  • Money limits me
  • Money holds me back
  • Money kills my desires
  • Money controls me/people
  • Money kills my gratitude/peace
  • Money creates my gratitude
  • ThetaHealers have money, no
  • ThetaHealers are wealthy, no

And a few specifically empath money beliefs:

  • I'm obligated to take on the beliefs of people I receive money from
  • I'm obligated to take on the beliefs of people I give money to
  • Money is dirty
  • People leave their energy behind on money
  • I absorb other people's energy when I touch money
  • Money is painful
  • Money is full of blood, sweat and tears
  • Money attracts parasites
  • Money attracts narcissists
  • Money attracts energetic vampires
  • Money drains my energy
  • People who have my money control me

If you'd like to receive the full 4 page list of beliefs I received, CLICK HERE to access the full pdf document.

Happy manifesting :)

Joanna xo

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