I once had this vision of myself as an eccentric old lady who lived in a house with no clocks. Her house was filled with colours, love, laughter, and a mysterious magical smell of fresh baked cookies. But no clocks. She lived on her own time.

Although only a few years have passed since I had that whimsy, it feels like I have lived for several cosmic eternities and at the age of 28 have become that woman in my visions. I now live a life where I don’t always know what day it is and every day is the weekend. The more deeply I connect to my divine intuition, the less time I spend doing and stressing, and the more successful, abundant, and spacious my life becomes.

This one-on-one cosmic healing journey is for you if

  • You are the highly sensitive woman who has it all. You are smart, ambitious, and financially successful, but always on the go
  • You have a flexible schedule, but you feel obligated to fill it and look busy
  • You feel ‘lazy’ or guilty when you’re not doing something ‘productive’
  • For you busy = successful
  • Too much of your energy is spent doing what you think other people want, and your own creative and spiritual desires are often written off as too selfish or frivolous to spend time on
  • You are feeling uninspired by constant goal and schedule setting and are ready to let go and deepen your spiritual and creative connection to re-define your ideas of success

An excellent fit for

  • Spiritual, highly sensitive and heart-centred leaders and entrepreneurs
  • Artists, musicians, writers, actors, and other creatives
  • Anyone with a “flexible” lifestyle that is not working for them
  • Anyone who loves feeling deeply, reading, writing, and 'introverting'

This spiritual intensive is for you if you want to

  • Lead every day with your heart and truly anchor your time around self-care and spirituality
  • Learn how to expand time and feel that you have time and space for everything you desire in your life
  • Discover your own personal work flow and decrease experiences of burn-out, feelings of overwhelm and physical sickness
  • Create more balance between work, play, and rest in your life
  • Create a more loving relationship with yourself and release your inner critic who’s telling you you’re not doing enough
  • Stop rushing around and be more present to yourself and others
  • Release the 9-5 mentality and truly live on your own time and schedule
  • Shift into a feminine mindset of receiving, and learn that ‘doing’ is secondary
  • Relax into your divine timing and live every day with joy, inspiration, abundance, and ease
  • Feel secure knowing that every small action you take builds your perfect lifestyle – even if that action is staying in bed all day…

This is an exclusive program for which I only select 1-2 clients per year. Women who work with me invest deeply in themselves both spiritually and financially.