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I never thought the day would come where I could say this, but... I am sooo excited about my belly!! And no, I am NOT pregnant, nor do I have a visible six pack. But I recently received an epic healing for my body and belly that I would love to share with you.

If you're anything like me and had your teenagehood mind filled with pictures of Britney Spears' glorious midriff, you may have grown up with a desire for a beautiful flat stomach that you felt worthy of baring. If you are highly sensitive or an empath, you may have also found yourself constantly feeling sensitive about this area of your body on several levels. It is not uncommon for many HSPs and/or empaths to experience bloating, gas, digestive issues, food sensitivities, and excess weight around the stomach area. And then of course to top it all off, certain types of images of bodies are more visible than others in the popular media further increasing your sensitivity and ambiguous feelings towards your body.

Britney Spears abs

At this point, I don't personally consider myself to be an empath anymore. The more I have cleared and released all my beliefs around being an empath and created energetic boundaries, the more I found any digestive issues and food sensitivities simply disappearing. But despite all this progress, I was still unsatisfied with the way I *thought* my stomach looked. Perception is really key here.

On some level, I knew that my body looked much better than I was giving it credit for. I had already received so much healing for my body and especially my midsection, but when I looked in the mirror something just felt off - but I could feel that it was not my body that was "off" - it was something about my perception, something about how I was seeing myself.

Then, the other day, I finally received the piece of the puzzle I had been looking for. I heard that I did not have the neural pathways in place to correctly process my body when I looked at it. This was pretty mind blowing!

If you've been following along with me you'll know that I am a huge fan of Pinterest! I think it's an amazing visualization and manifestation tool - it's my favourite! At the time when I got this insight I was trying to find pictures of petite, slightly curvy women from a side view on Pinterest. When I looked in the mirror - it was my sideview that kept tripping me up, so I was trying to find images of bodies similar to mine to figure out what exactly was going on. But my search was practically futile. Side views of short bodies didn't seem to exist. All women were posed either from the front, the back, or at a 3/4 angle - almost never from the side (unless they were extraordinarily tall and slim, which didn't really help me). And that's when it hit me. I had spent so much of my life seeing posed pictures of women that it's almost like my perception was trained to see beauty from only particular angles. The thing is, I got in front of a mirror, and posed myself in the same angles I kept seeing online and wow, I felt like I looked amazing! But then from a side view I was like, WTF!? And that's when I heard I simply didn't have the neural pathways to process my body from the side (and other angles as well). The feeling of disgust I was experiencing when I saw myself from the side, was not because I was seeing something 'ugly', it was just total confusion - a processing error. 

Once I downloaded the proper neural pathways to process my body, the shift was really astounding and more insights kept flowing in. I realized I was also experiencing confusion around the human anatomy in general. I was perceiving my back as a straight line, especially when I stood up "straight" with good posture. This perception made me feel my stomach was huge and grossly disproportionate. When I stood up straight, the shape I saw in my mind when I imagined myself from the side was like a lowercase 'b' (or 'd' depending which way you are facing). I just kept imagining that my belly was hanging out when my back was straight (this didn't do much for my posture). Once my perception shifted I was suddenly able to see that human backs when straight all have a slight curve to them. It's a lot easier to notice in a drawing...

Female torso tutorialImage from timflanagan.deviantart.com

Moreover, all stomachs - even ones that seem "flat" - also have a slight curve to them. Once this perception clicked in for me, I saw that when I stood up straight my back and my stomach were both curved in the same direction, making more of a gentle 'c', a nice arch like this ( (, rather than a lowercase 'd' shape. Moreover, I started noticing that even the slimmest of bodies were not straight lines | |, but rather had this curved shape to them. And if they didn't, it was either the angle the photo was taken in, photoshop, or unnatural sucking in. A person with a flat stomach is not shaped like this ||, they are also shaped like this ( ( - but the space between the lines is smaller ((. And if the person is especially tall, the curve appears "flatter."

Image from www.idrawgirls.com

If you're someone trying to release weight around your belly, seeing these curves makes visualizing your body much easier. If you're imagining that the curve of your belly needs to become a straight line - you are going to experience much more resistance than if you see your belly as curved and you are simply trying to bring more ease, more relaxation and more compactness to that area. You are not trying to get rid of anything - you just want to ease MORE into your ideal body :)

This all seems so obvious to me now! And I'm sure any seasoned artist would find this to be obvious information. But it's really changed how I feel about my belly. I love seeing the curve of my belly now, and feel like I can finally breathe easy and relax my stomach! I realized I was putting a lot of pressure on the poor little guy!!

I also realized that sucking in and ab exercises often keep your stomach bigger than you'd like it to be. Your belly is your center of power and creativity and it WANTS to be seen! If you are sucking in to hide it, it will grow because it wants to be seen.

There are a lot of vital organs in and around your belly that want to be seen and appreciated because they do so much for you, especially if you are empathic. If you are empathic your middrift is doing a lot for you. If you haven't developed stable energetic boundaries your body is most likely working on overdrive to filter toxins and negative energy through and away from your body. When you suck in your belly and/or overdo it on ab exercises, you put a lot of pressure on an area of your body that is already working so hard for you. Your belly feels sad, angry, and underappreciated - or in physical terms, your belly feels heavy, inflamed, and bloated.

MY TUMMY: I keep trying to tell you that I'm awesome! I'm helping you with EVERYTHING!! But you keep sucking me in and hiding me - so I get bigger and I yell louder!!

Now that I've really taken notice of all of this, it feels like my belly has settled down quite a bit. It feels more relaxed and isn't yelling at me anymore when I look in the mirror lol.

Say "Yes" to the downloads below if you would like to receive a healing for your body image and belly!  This healing is for anyone - of any gender or body type - but if you're a woman (or man) who's been trying hard to achieve that flat stomach look YOU will be pleasantly surprised to find that a) you've either already achieved this look but the curves were throwing off your perception, or b) that you are much closer than you realized, and now all you have to do is relax and receive your ideal body.

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With love and starlight,

Joanna xoxo

P.S. There's A LOT more that can be said about sensitive/empathic bellies. If there's a particular belly topic you'd like to receive more healing around please drop me a line here and let me know!

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