Empath Rewire Spiritual Intensive

Empath Rewire

When I first learned I was an empath I searched the web far and wide and found everything I could about being an empath. 

While I found many strategies for dealing with being an empath; ultimately, I didn’t really find any of them that helpful or empowering. 

Boundaries and shielding really didn't make sense to me because when I really thought about it I had always really loved my life no matter what. 

Despite living in a constant sea of emotions - I was never really afraid of people, situations, or bad feelings. I was always a free spirit and I felt that creating boundaries would just close me off entirely. Shields and protection bubbles made me feel cut off. So even though I didn't want to be feeling other people's sadness and crappy feelings, I didn't want to be cut off from my deep sense of union with the universe either. It felt like an all or nothing situation.

It seemed like the only choice I had was to just accept myself as an empath and carry this burden - it was a blessing and a curse. I had to just accept that I would have to suffer to heal others. And it seemed worth it, because healing others truly brought me joy.

At this point I feel like I'm supposed to tell you about some miraculous transformation so that I can sell you my program. OMG my life was so hard and then something miraculous happened. But I've seriously had enough of those transformational stories. I am just so sick of that marketing formula, and quite frankly, I find it insulting because it sets up the expectation that you have to be a failure so that I can "help" or "save" you. 

But here's what I know about empaths - we are not failures or losers. We are kick-ass, super-star, idealistic, glass-is-overflowing spiritual warriors. We might feel sad sometimes, but we rarely feel sorry for ourselves. We are not afraid of suffering; we find beauty in the ugliest of places because we know that every speck of existence is sacred and beautiful.

My life has always been amazing. I don't have a sob story. Have I had challenges and ups and downs? Sure. But did I hit rock bottom and then suddenly have a miraculous transformation. No. I've always given my all and faced every situation in my life head on. And I'm sure you have too.

I was pretty much just living in all my kick-assery as usual when one day the universe showed me that there's an even better way to live, be intuitive, and help others without being an empath.

There is a way to...

  • Stop feeling other people's stuff, and still be deeply connected to people and the universe without any weird bubbles, shields, or tedious rituals
  • Help, support, and give to others without using your own energy or using your body as a conduit for other people's suffering
  • Keep ALL the intuitive gifts that you do enjoy and release any part of the empath experience that no longer serves you

You CAN stop being an empath AND keep all your intuitive gifts. Instead of "managing" yourself as an empath, we can release the subconscious structures that hold you to this way of being and activate your new reality. Prepare to rewire the structures of your being!

 Yes. You can have your cake and eat it too. 

At this point I barely even relate to the term empath, but am still a totally kick-ass healer. I know that you're already totally kick-ass too, so I want invite you to amp up your awesomeness, and take your amazing gifts to the next level.

This one-on-one healing intensive is for you if

  • You're an empath or HSP
  • Your life is awesome but you are a perfectionist. If you can have more and better - you'll stop at nothing to receive it!
  • You love feeling deeply, reading, writing, and 'introverting'
  • You have taken care of yourself and done a lot of self-care work, but still feel that you could live more fully into your potential as an empowered empath
  • You still find yourself feeling other people's stuff and have some moments of energetic burn-out and exhaustion
  • There are certain people in your life that you love that are uncomfortable to be around no matter what you try

Clients who work with me invest deeply in themselves both spiritually and financially.

Dr. Joanna Perkins

Joanna is truly an answered prayer!  Her phenomenal Theta Healing sessions have moved me from a place of knowing I was an empath and not knowing quite how to handle it, into truly believing that it is a gift and gratefully seeing the examples of that now throughout my life.  Connecting with someone like Joanna, who has experience with everything we’re talking about in a session, and really "gets me” is a true blessing.   After a lifetime of feeling overly sensitive and unsure about why I felt energetically drained all the time, Joanna has given me the tools to move forward in a whole new empowered way.  Thank you, Joanna, for the amazing healer and wonderful person that you are! 

~Casey Campbell, Todayismagical.com

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