When you hear the word empath, there's a good chance you might relate it to the more familiar word, empathy. So the idea of being able to relate to others; to feel what it's like to be in somebody else's shoes. This is a good starting point, but someone who is an empath is more than just empathetic. 

An empath can feel other people's feelings as if they are their own.

The terms empath and empathic have to do with energy. Everyone and everything is made of energy. An empath is someone who is like an energetic sponge and absorbes the energy around them. Emotions are one form of energy. While someone who is highly sensitive to others' emotions might understand how someone else feels, an empath will literally feel the other person's emotion inside of themselves, as if it is their own emotion. In fact, you might be experiencing this all the time and not even know it - that's how it was for me for most of my life. 

Star Trek - The Empath!Star Trek's empath, Deanna Troi.

Deanna Troi in Star Trek is an example of a highly trained empath. She can pick up on the energy, emotions, and thought patterns of other beings. Even though she is a character from science fiction, she is actually a pretty realistic depiction of a person with empathic abilities. 

The major difference is that we live in a society that encourages us to ignore and repress our emotions. Being an empath in our society can feel more like being a crazy mess instead of a gifted counsellor. Furthermore, because empathic abilities are rarely talked about in our society most people are not completely aware that they have these abilities. On the occasions that we do tap into our empathic abilities we will often just write them off as strange anomalies in our experience or weird coincidences.

We are encouraged to ignore and repress our emotions.

If this is your first time ever coming across the term empath, you might be feeling this is a little weird. How can someone feel someone else's feelings inside of themselves as if the feeling is their own? How can something I feel inside of me not be me? If you're like me, you might have even been taught the importance of taking responsibility for your own feelings and using "I feel..." messages to express and own your feelings. But if what I'm saying is true, suddenly the idea of taking ownership over the feelings inside of you becomes complicated. What if some of those feelings inside simply are not yours?

This is confusing stuff. If you're reading this right now, there's a pretty good chance you are an empath. You are a deeply intuitive person and you have not come here by accident. Something bigger brought you here. You might even be on the verge of an empathic awakening. Awakening to a deeper understanding of your highest self. Below are some questions you might want to reflect on...

Are you an empath?

  1. Do you often feel deep emotions for no particular reason?
  2. Do you sometimes know things, just because?
  3. Do you have a difficult time watching violent, sad, or scary movies? Can you practically feel the pain of the characters?
  4. Do you often have a deep desire to please others?
  5. Do you have a hard time hurting other people's feelings and often avoid confrontation?
  6. Does being around certain people (or people in general) make you feel drained?
  7. Do you find it strange when some people talk about how they hate being alone? You find it so peaceful and rejuvenating, not lonely or boring.
  8. Do you love nature and animals?
  9. Do you hate doing things you don't love? You would rather be paid peanuts and do what you love, than make millions of dollars doing something you are not genuinely passionate about.
  10. Do you find that many come to you with their problems? Even strangers feel immediately comfortable telling you about their lives.
  11. Do you get "crowd rage"? Does being touched by someone in a crowded place make you want to punch someone?
  12. Do you find you tend to have a lot of digestive issues?
  13. Do you have back and shoulder pain? Like you're carrying the weight of the world?
  14. Do feel overwhelmed and overstimulated in certain environments? Like busy malls, and cluttered spaces?
  15. Are you creative and gifted in art, music, dance, etc.?
  16. Do you sometimes feel amazing being with someone, but afterwards feel like you made decisions that weren't really "you"?
  17. Do you sometimes feel like your inner emotions do not match your outer circumstances?

If you answered yes to most of the above questions, you are most likely an empath. 

I believe that we all have the capacity to be empathic, but that capacity may not have been awakened in many of us.

As I said, it's no accident that you are reading this. Just reading about empaths can trigger an empathic awakening. If you feel like you relate to this article, don't be surprised if strange things start happening and life starts to become more intense over the next few days and weeks. Don't panic - this is normal. Also - a lot of it is pretty amazing - so be prepared for one heck of a ride.

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