How being an empath affects your relationship to the Law of Attraction

How being an empath affects your relationship to the Law of Attraction 

So I was listening to Abraham Hicks the other day (they guide people on how to use the Law of Attraction), and I started to feel really mad and annoyed. But only a few days before I was listening to them and really loving it. So I sat down to really examine what was annoying me so much, and what it came down to was the fact that they throw around the word "thought" too much without really explaining to people what thought is. And I find this to generally be the case with almost anyone who talks about the Law of Attraction. People will often tell you that your thoughts create your reality, but then assume that people have a clear understanding of what thought is. And I can just *FEEL* that many people are confused about this without even realizing it. I wrote about the "mind" and "thought" a little while ago in a post here, but I felt I should go into this in more detail, especially in relation to the empath experience.

I think in Western societies there is a major tendency to see thought as a cartoon thought bubble (see here) outside or inside our heads with words in this thought bubble. My guess would be that most people consider their inner dialogue to be their "thoughts".

So if this is how you think about your thoughts and you're following common ideas about the Law of Attraction, you most likely try to focus all your inner dialogue on positive thoughts. This is great and you should definitely keep doing this... the problem with this is that you are only addressing one layer of your thoughts by doing this. 

Maybe you've had this experience...

You've focused all your thoughts on positive interpretations, you've given everyone the benefit of the doubt in your life no matter what they do - you are wildly optimistic. You are seen as a very positive person by yourself and others.

Suddenly, something that you would consider negative happens. You feel awful - you really did not see this coming. And it's not so much that something bad happened that's making you feel awful, it's the fact that you totally did not see it coming! You are in utter disbelief and shock. You truly never imagined anything like this could happen... and you start to feel a bit resentful and doubtful towards the Law of Attraction... WTF!? I KNOW that I NEVER "THOUGHT" of anything like this! How did I attract this???

And here's the thing - I KNOW that you ARE being honest with yourself and you never consciously "thought" about the negative thing that happened before. What happened was a result not of your conscious thoughts, or your inner dialogue, but of the other layers of thought that most people are not fully aware of. And if you are highly sensitive and/or empathic some of these layers can be affecting you very intensely without you even fully knowing it.

Layers of thought

There are many ways to look at the different layers of thought. Below is just one way that I encourage you to combine with any other awarenesses you may already have. Most people have heard of the idea of conscious thoughts, subconscious thoughts, and unconscious thoughts. Your conscious thoughts are that first "top" layer of thoughts - the ones you're used to hearing in your head as your inner dialogue. Below I'm going to explore a few of the layers that make up your subconscious and unconscious thoughts. These layers are in no particular order and one layer is not necessarily more important than any other - all layers impact the whole of your "thought" and what you are manifesting.

Your Inner Child

Subconscious thoughts and beliefs you absorbed as a child

Up until about the age of 8, we are absorbing many of the thoughts and belief systems of our families and those who take care of us. Although you have grown up and may consider yourself to be extremely different from your family members, it's very common to have belief systems embedded in you from when you were a child. These thought forms will interfere with your life until you acknowledge they are a part of you and begin to release them.

Reflection question

Do certain negative events in your life bear a resemblance to things that happen or have happened to your parents, caretakers, and/or closest family members? (Note: The events may not be exactly the same but they will have some sort of overarching pattern. So for example, maybe it's common for people to be bullied in your family. The bullies might all look very different [e.g., boss, sibling, spouse, friend, strangers] but the pattern is there.)

Your DNA

Your genetic make-up is made up of information that has been passed down to you

It might be strange to think of it this way - but your DNA has "thoughts". Similar but different than your inner child, you carry around thoughts and beliefs that have been programmed on a genetic level and passed down through generations. These are deeply ingrained thought patterns that have literally shaped your body and your life. Your genetic "thoughts" or information can be changed through deep reflection and meditation.

Reflection question

Do you see negative patterns repeating through your generations- are there things that have happened to you, your siblings, your mother/father, their siblings, their parents and grandparents? (Again, the situations may not be exactly the same but they will have some sort of overarching pattern.)

Psychic hooks or chords

You may be energetically bound to the thoughts and feelings of others

Many people, especially those who are highly sensitive and/or empathic, have what are called psychic hooks or chords to the people closest in their lives. This means there is a very intense energy exchange between you and that person - so intense that many people who are highly empathic are often absorbing the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs of people they are connected to. It is very common to have psychic hooks and chords with your parents, spouse, children and siblings - even if they live on the other side of the world. Psychic hooks and chords are also common with close friends, and can even occur with strangers and acquaintances on occasion. Psychic hooks and chords feel very heavy, and are often linked to co-dependent feelings and behaviours. Until you learn to release psychic hooks and chords, you may find that the thoughts and beliefs of others will interfere with your manifestations.

Reflection question

Do certain negative events in your life remind you of something that is likely to happen to someone you know and are close to? As before, focus for an overarching pattern rather than exact details. 

Believe it or not, there are still more layers of thoughts that you may be connected to. Do you watch tv or movies? Do you listen to music? Do you read books? These are all experiences you are having that make up layers of your thoughts... But I'm going to stop here for now. The point here is to bring your awareness to the fact that your inner dialogue is not where your thoughts end. And this is why sometimes you seemingly manifest things you never consciously "thought" about. The thought occurred on another level you were not aware of...

So now what? You might be thinking, okay so how do I access these other layers of thought if I'm not consciously thinking about them?? There's actually a lot of different tools out there to do this. The quickest, most effective and thorough tool I know of is ThetaHealing. Click here to learn more, and watch my videos here to get a taste of it.

If you found this post to be especially helpful, check out my free e-book WTF I'm an Empath!? for more guidance and helpful suggestions to gain more power over your empathic abilities. 

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With love and starlight,

Joanna xo

P.S. If you're ready and want to learn about more of the layers of thought, message me here and let me know. If there is enough demand, I will write a second part to this post.

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