Joanna Perkins, Ph.D.: Official Biography

Joanna Perkins is writer, visionary, award-winning scholar, ThetaHealer®, and the creator of In 2014, Joanna discovered her highly sensitive and empathic qualities after experiencing an empathic awakening. What followed after was an intensified focus on healing and self-care in her life. In early 2015, Joanna became a certified ThetaHealer® and fully embraced her path as a healer and empowered empath. Soon thereafter, Joanna discovered that it is possible to release all subconscious programs structuring the empathic experience and shift into a new way of healing and being in the world. She now considers herself to be a former empath.

Joanna has been gifted with unique insights into the psychology and belief systems of HSPs and empaths. Moreover, her extensive interdisciplinary studies have given her a tremendous visionary wisdom into Western group conscious beliefs. This wisdom allows Joanna to create radical shifts for anyone who desires to live life truly on their own terms and surpass external forces. In particular, she helps her clients disconnect from the thoughts, feelings, and judgements of other people and societal group conscious beliefs. Joanna specializes in creating one-on-one spiritual intensives and ThetaHealing® retreats for highly sensitive and empathic individuals who have achieved extraordinary success and are ready to discover themselves on an even deeper level

Joanna completed her Doctoral Degree in Cultural Studies at Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. She was a recipient of the prestigious SSHRC Joseph Armand Bombardier Canadian Graduate Scholarship Doctoral Award, as well as a SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship. Her research brought together many fields of study including education, philosophy, history, critical psychology, and feminist theory.

In her spare time, Joanna enjoys laughing with her husband, going for nature walks with her dog Napoleon, cooking and eating delicious food, wearing pretty colours, lounging, zoning-out, and basking in the sun.

Stay on the look-out for her forthcoming book, Moving Through and Beyond Intellectual Slut-Shaming: Learning to Renaturalize Ourselves.

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