Your vibration is always perfect: Misconceptions about the Law of Attraction

I think when it comes to the law of attraction there's a lot of subtleties that can often become lost in translation. This leads to confusion and at worst, discouragement. I feel that a lot of this confusion comes from a lack of clarity around what exactly constitutes the "mind" and the subtle differences between words, thoughts, emotions, feelings and vibrations.

The mind and its relationship to matter

When it comes to manifesting and the law of attraction, a common saying that is often evoked is: "Mind over matter." This saying, however, although taken by many as a universal truth, is a Western belief and inadequate understanding of the relationship between the mind and matter, and consequentially, between the mind and the body.

Mind IS matter.

Matter IS mind.

The two are distinct yet inseperable aspects of one reality. This is important to realize because manifesting does not happen through immaterial thought alone - it is a full-bodied experience where mind and body, mind and matter co-create.

In Western society, I think it's quite common for us to think of the mind and body as separate. We often picture thinking as a cartoon thought bubble outside of our heads (with words in the thought bubble). But if you stop and really examine this it makes no sense at all. Thoughts do not occur outside of ourselves, they are fully embodied. When you have a thought there is a simultaneous neural transmission that is occurring on a physical level in your brain, as well as in other parts of your body through the nervous system.

When we set intentions and visualize our manifestations this process is occurring in our minds and bodies simultaneously. This is why people say that anything you want to create already exists within you. Your visualization is not a thought bubble outside of your head - and it's not a thought bubble inside your head either. Your visualization IS YOU. Both mentally and physically - it vibrates through every cell of your body.

Words, thoughts, and emotions are both simultaneously mind and matter, and make up the matrix of your VIBRATION. Your vibration is always manifesting your reality.

The difference between words, thoughts, emotions and vibrations

The difference between words and thoughts

Many people believe that words are the most important aspect of manifesting your reality. While they are important, if you'll notice on my image above, words actually play the smallest role in creating your overall vibration.

Furthermore, words do not equal thoughts. While words can be part of your thoughts, and are an amazing tool to help you clarify your thoughts, they are not the same thing as thoughts. Thoughts are mainly concepts and ideas. Have you ever tried to explain an idea to someone who speaks a different languange than you do? This is a good example of how words don't necessarily equal thoughts. We can communicate concepts and ideas to each other in many different ways without using words at all. Personally, I often manifest pictures. I've had a lot of moments where I walked into a moment and I felt like I was stepping into a photo I have on pinterest or somewhere, or a picture I drew.

So basically, thoughts = ideas and/concepts.

If you have a clear concept of something through your mind and body the words are not as important. Once you tune into this, you will find you can communicate with divine source more quickly. I often send Creator giant concepts and simply ask that it be all taken care of. When I have a clear concept I trust that Creator understands all my intentions.

The difference between emotions, feelings, and vibration

Rather than words, some people say that it's not what you think that manifests your reality, but rather it's how you feel. On some level, this is true. Where the confusion can come in, however, is in understanding the difference between emotions, feelings and how these are connected to your vibration.

Your vibration is made up of your words, thoughts and emotions. Your vibration creates and manifests your reality. It is possible to FEEL your vibration -  but this feeling is different than what you experience when you "feel" emotions.

Let's start by differentiating between emotions and feelings. What I'm sharing with you now are not universal definitions - just ones that I am creating in order to communicate certain subtleties that I believe will be useful to you.

When I say "feelings" I mean all the things that you can feel. Yes, you can feel emotions. But you can also feel sensations that may activate certain emotions, but are not emotions themselves, such as feeling cold, or touching something soft, feeling the wind blow through your hair, or feeling your body move as you run or ride a bike, etc. 

When I say "emotions" I am refering to particular feelings that Western society has labelled as positive or negative feelings. So for example, common negative emotions include: shame, anger, sadness, regret, remorse, etc. Common positive emotions include: happiness, peace, contentment, and joy, etc.

When it comes to the law of attraction, many people conflate positive emotions with their vibration. So there's often a huge focus on constantly feeling "good" emotions. And this is where, if you're a sensitive perfectionist like me, a lot of needless discouragement can occur. 

I am super aware of everything that I am feeling all the time. The slightest shift occurs and I can feel it. Labelling emotions as positive or negative is not very useful to me - especially this idea that "good" emotions = high vibration - because obviously I want to maintain the highest vibration possible. What can end up happening is I might feel a slight "negative" emotion, and then suddenly I feel like, "Oh no, why do I feel bad?" And then, "Oh no, I feel bad! My vibration is low!" and, "Oh no, I still feel bad! My vibration is getting lower!" 

The good news for my fellow perfectionists out there is that your emotions do not equal your vibration, so negative emotions do not automatically lower your vibration. Your vibration is not affected by minor fluctuations of emotions. Moreover, if you're on a conscious healing journey, these "negative" emotions are just pointing to something that is asking to be released into Creator's light. These emotions are not trying to make you feel bad, lower your vibration, nor are they taking you "out of alignment" - unless you feed them with beliefs that they are. That first slight "negative" emotion is usually not the problem. It's judging and labelling that emotion as negative that can all of a sudden bring you into a negative spiral (which if this happens for a prolonged time, can lower your vibration).

You have the capacity to feel several things at once. So you could be feeling tears run down your cheek, be crying and feeing sadness - but if you pay attention while this is happening you can ALSO feel your vibration. Simply tell yourself, "This is an emotion - this is not my vibration. My vibration is perfect and is exactly at where it's supposed to be."

You will notice an immediate shift when you do this. In fact, you should feel it just in this writing alone. Moreover, you can immediately tap into your vibration. You should be able to see, hear, or feel it in some way. Personally, I can usually hear my vibration like a tingling sound above my ears. You may perceive yours differently. Just take a moment to be still and locate your vibration now. You'll know it.

Your vibration is always there, and you are always in alignment with it. If you feel "unaligned," your attention is simply focused elsewhere. You can be experiencing deep sadness but if you shift your focus from the emotion to your vibration you'll find it's still there in perfect alignment.

Instead of letting a "negative" emotion pull you down, pull that emotion up into your vibration which is always perfect NOW and exactly what it's meant to be in this moment.

This doesn't necessarily mean that the emotion you are experiencing will immediately stop. Pulling an emotion up into your vibration does not mean stopping or repressing it. It might still need to run its course, but your experience of it will be much lighter, even surreal. I almost feel like I'm in a movie pretending to act out the emotion and when it's done, it's done. Sort of feels like it never even happened - and technically it didn't.

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