Releasing our shadow side

Releasing our shadow side and stepping into the pure light of our perfection

I feel like my past self would really disagree with what I'm about to say here, but I'm going for it. So long, old self.

There's a very common idea in spiritual circles that we need to embrace our "dark" side or our "shadow" side. I used to strongly believe in this idea and sought to embrace - and even revel - in all my shadows. While I have no regrets here - I have come to learn that those shadows are not actually me.

Shadows are not us - they are often energies or entities we have allowed into our space - these energies trick us (often in very loving and delightful ways) into believing they are a part of who we are, so that we will keep them around. While it is better to embrace these energies with love and learn what we need to from them, once we have learned what we need it is safe and possible to release these energies, rather than keep them around as a part of ourselves.

So why did I embrace the shadow side so much? I felt like I had no choice - like the shadow side is a natural and inevitable part of being human. (It's not). I also felt that by embracing "my" dark side I was being "balanced." I would actually consciously scatter well-placed flaws into the things I did. Ironically, I did this as a way to create perfection, and in a way I succeeded because deep down I knew the perfection was always there. But mostly, I felt like what kind of asshole would actually dare say they have no shadow side? What kind of asshole believes that they are perfect? Nobody's perfect, right? Wrong. We are all perfect.

On some deep soul level, I always felt like I was pretending to have a dark side. Part of me always knew it wasn't real, but I felt like I had to have a dark side to be "normal" and not look like an arrogant asshole.

I thought that I was being humble by rejecting my pure perfection.

But I now see a higher meaning of being humble. Being humble means knowing when and where to shine and when and where to create the space for others to shine. Creating the space for others to shine does not mean that we dim our light or stop shining - it simply means shining the light on others instead of ourselves. There is no darkness nor shadows here - only pure light.

So what I'm saying here is if you're someone who has embraced their shadow side (something many sensitives and empaths are very good at - we can't help but spread love everywhere - even if it may be to our own detriment): you have done well in loving all, but there is now a second step you can take, a new option available. RELEASING the shadows and the darkness, and truly stepping into the pure light of your perfection. It is not your duty to love all. That's Creator's job. You're just here to shine and sparkle in what ever way makes you feel the best. Yes - this is all that is ever asked of you!

Stars have no shadows. They are pure light, and we have the capacity to be pure light as well. And while we could say that the star needs the darkness to be seen, that does not mean that the darkness is part of the star. It is not. Moreover, it's not about seeing the light, it's about BEING the light. We do not need darkness or shadows to be the light. That makes no sense at all.

We came from the stars and it is now safe and possible to return to our star state of shining in human form.

I am perfect. As are you!

Say YES if you'd like to receive Creator's highest perspective of all the above.

With love and perfect starlight,

Joanna xo

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Are you a ThetaHealer?

Here's some belief work

Beliefs to test

  • Nobody's perfect
  • I'm obligated to embrace my shadow/dark side
  • I have a shadow/dark side
  • It is normal to have a shadow/dark side
  • I know the difference between myself and entities
  • The shadow/dark side is a natural and inevitable part of being human
  • I have to embrace light and dark sides to be balanced
  • It is arrogant/wrong to believe I am perfect
  • It is my duty/obligation to love the shadow/dark side
  • It is my duty/obligation to love everyone and everything

Releases and Downloads

  • Release group conscious beliefs around the shadow/dark side.
  • Release any oaths, vows, obligations to love the shadow/dark side and everyone and everything.
  • Download what it feels like to allow and trust the Creator of All That Is to love the shadow/dark side and everyone and everything.
  • Download Creator's highest perspective, understanding and definition of perfection.
  • Download what it feels like to be perfect and complete without the shadow/dark side in the eyes of the Creator of All That Is.

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