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Joanna is truly an answered prayer!  Her phenomenal Theta Healing sessions have moved me from a place of knowing I was an empath and not knowing quite how to handle it, into truly believing that it is a gift and gratefully seeing the examples of that now throughout my life.  Connecting with someone like Joanna, who has experience with everything we’re talking about in a session, and really "gets me” is a true blessing.   After a lifetime of feeling overly sensitive and unsure about why I felt energetically drained all the time, Joanna has given me the tools to move forward in a whole new empowered way.  Thank you, Joanna, for the amazing healer and wonderful person that you are! 

~Casey Campbell,

I've been working with Dr. Joanna Perkins for many months now and every time the experience was, and still is, an amazing one.

Dr. Perkins personality and 'joie de vivre', is contagious. Her positive and humorous approach to every situation always brings light at the end of the tunnel.

Whatever we have to work on is always resolved in the highest and best way possible for me to continue on my journey with ease and grace.

Her energy connection is so pure that I always feel a sense of peace at the end of our sessions.

Thank you Dr. Perkins, it is a joy to work with you every time. Looking forward to my next appointment with you. Love & Light!!!

~Carmen Gélinas,

The sessions I have done with Joanna have been life changing. I have been on an amazing journey for the last 1 1/2 years, and Joanna has been a part of that. Her connection with Creator and ability to work with this guidance will carry her and anyone she works with forward in their life. Thank you so much, Joanna.

~Nancy Burnham,

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