The purpose of Sensitive Self-Care is to support you in better understanding yourself as a highly sensitive person and to inspire you to love, accept, and celebrate your sensitive self. I specialize in creating private one-on-one healing intensives and spiritual retreats for highly sensitive and empathic individuals who have achieved extraordinary success and are ready to discover themselves on an even deeper level. In particular, I help people disconnect from the thoughts, feelings, and judgements of other people so that they can craft their lives according to their own “impossibly” perfect visions.

Rather than thinking about certain people as sensitive and others as not, I like to look at sensitivity on a spectrum that we all fall into in some way, shape, or form in different contexts. 

The visual above represents what I mean by being on a spectrum. I like this model because it gives us a multifaceted way of looking at sensitivity. While you can use the spectrum to view yourself as a whole, you can also use the spectrum to view different aspects of your self. In particular, I specialize in helping people who are on the higher end of the spectrum in most areas of their life. If you fit here, learn more by reading the What is a Highly Sensitive Person? page, or if you feel off the charts emotionally sensitive, read the What is an Empath? and Empathic Awakening pages.

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Read the book to get a clearer sense of how you fit into this world as a sensitive. Whether you've known that you're an empath for years, are just awakening, or are simply highly sensitive, learn why you do some of the things you do, and ways you can begin to integrate a new and more complex understanding of yourself into your daily life. 

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To get a better sense of my perspective on the sensitive experience, check out the Sensitive Self-Care blog. Here are some of the highlights.

Transform your life with Joanna guided by The Creator of All that Is

The quickest, most effective, and fun way I can serve you is through the ThetaHealing® technique. ThetaHealing is a meditative and conversational energy healing modality where we can shift your reality by changing your subconscious beliefs. The best thing about being a ThetaHealer is that I am not doing the healing. All healing comes from the divine Universe, Creator of All That Is - or whatever you choose to call the creative life force that flows through and beyond us. I am simply a facilitator and witness. This makes ThetaHealing the perfect modality for the highly sensitive individual who is often energetically exhausted because s/he gives her/his own loving energy to others instead of tapping into the infinite power of Source, the Creator of All That Is. Together with Creator's guidance, we can create and re-create your life through the energy of All There Is based on your soul's divine desires.

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With the ThetaHealing technique I have been able to eliminate a lot of anxiety and emotional overwhelm, and have learned how to disconnect from the thoughts, feelings, and judgements of other people. Click below to watch my ThetaHealing video where I guide you to feel calmer, clearer, and more peaceful.

With love and starlight,

Joanna xox

Dr. Joanna Perkins
Creator of Sensitive Self-Care
ThetaHealing® Practitioner