The Ultimate Guide to Calming the EFF Down - Part II

Welcome to Part II of Sensitive Self-Care's Ultimate Guide to Calming the EFF Down. Click here for Part I if you haven't seen it already.

4. Eat good quality food

In part one, I talked about how anxiety is simply a form of energy. When it comes down to it, we ARE energy. And food is a source of energy we put into our bodies. You know how they say, "You are what you eat"? Well, it's true. And the type of food you put into your body affects your overall energetic state. The way I see it - good, clean, ethically sourced food = happy food, which then goes into your body and = happy you.

I plan to eventually do a food series for sensitives on the blog, but for the time being I will simply offer you some of what I have found has worked best for me. 

Overall, my number one suggestion is to eat food that is from the best sources you can find. Changing my diet over the years has done wonders for me on both a physical and emotional level. Try to source your food from sources that are clean (i.e. choose whole foods and avoid processed food) and ethical (local farms and grocers are usually your best bet here).

When you eat well, you also have a better chance at reducing inflammation. Put simply, inflammation is your body freaking out. This is important if you are sensitive, because any redness in your skin, digestive problems or blood pressure issues can be linked back to inflamation. In turn, all the above issues can agravate your anxiety levels. 

Here are my top tips to eat your way to cleaner energy levels:

  • Include quality omega 3 supplements in your diet - these help decrease inflammation
  • Eat grounding foods such as root vegetables or good quality meat
  • If eating meat, when possible, buy grass-fed (full of omega 3s) and sustainably sourced meats. You don't want to eat sad, sick animals that have had a poor quality of living. Happy animals means a happier you.
  • Eat healthy fats like olive oil, fish, avocados, nuts, grass-fed butter and coconut oil
  • Drink water or tea to detox
  • Focus on good quality foods rather than calories. If you consistently eat nutrient-dense food, your appetite will naturally balance itself out over time once your body is no longer starving for nutrients.

The above are a few things you can start incorporating if you haven't already. This is a huge topic for sensitives, and as I mentioned above, I plan to write more on this in the future. Above all, approach food and eating with love :) Just eating with gratitude can shift your relationship with food so that it is a nourishing one, instead of a stressful one.

5. Get a dog. 

Okay, so this one doesn't mean you HAVE to get one... but exercise, walking in nature, and interacting with animals are all very practical ways to feel more grounded, connected and to reduce stress. 

There's a very good reason why animals such as dogs, cats, and horses are used as therapy animals. Animals are very sensitive to energy, and many are quite empathic. Interacting with animals can have a very calming effect because they are not like humans over-thinking and creating problems - animals live in the now and as a sensitive you can feel that and tap into it yourself.

Me and my dog, Napoleon!

Over the years, hanging out with my dog has helped me reduce my anxiety levels in a lot of ways. Because my dog is a living creature, he's always reminded me what's important in life. Taking care of him has always come first - no matter how much work or stress there is, going for a walk is more important. For him, AND for me. And most of all, watching a little dog be so serious about playing reminds me that I SHOULD take a break and play! When he chases a ball or a stick, there is nothing else in this world other than the joy of doing that that he is focused on. I admire his zest for life, and it reminds me how to live my life. Relax and smell the flowers - life is amazing!

If you don't have access to live animals, at the very least watch funny animal videos and get a joyful abdominal workout :)

That's all for today. Part III will be the final part in this series and will be coming up soon :)



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