virtual healing intensives

Virtual ThetaHealing® Intensives are available in one and two day durations, and are done over the phone or through Skype. All intensives are personalized to fulfill your soul's unique desires. 

Your Next steps...

  1. Fill out the application below.
  2. If you are good fit, you will be notified and invited to schedule a 1.5 hour consultation session with Joanna.
  3. During the session, we will have a deep conversation to explore what kind of shifts you would like to see in your life. A portion of our time together will be dedicated to using the ThetaHealing® technique together (this is FREAKIN' AWESOME and itself worth the time if you've never tried this healing modality). After getting to know one another, we will then discuss the possibility of working together further and see if a one-on-one spiritual intensive is the right fit for us. Totally no pressure here - we BOTH have to feel like, "OMG we are SOUL FAMILY!" to move forward into any commitment.

Serious enquiries only. Please note that if you are selected for a session a consultation fee is required before we proceed.

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Law of attraction
Building a heart-centred business

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NOTE: We will be connecting to the Creator of All That Is to give us divine guidance in all that we do. The Creator of All That Is has no particular religious affiliation – as long as you believe in some form of a higher power this program will work for you. Creator, God, Universe, Divine Energy, Buddha, Christ, or Creative Life Force are all words that describe the same power.