An empathic awakening is when you become consciously aware of your empathic skills and abilities. You've been empathic since you were born and had these abilities all along, but you weren't consciously aware of this. You probably had an intuItive understanding of some of your empathic qualities, but this understanding was never articulated in words.

Beyond sci-fi, empathic abilities are not talked about or taken seriously in most Western societies. It probably never seriously occurred to you that the feelings you have inside of you might be someone else's. An awakening occurs once this possibility has been articulated in your life.

You might suddenly find yourself overwhelmed with emotion - like you often find yourself - but this time it's different. You realize it's not yours. You might even have a good idea of whose emotions you are feeling!

This is both liberating and frightening. 

All these years of these weird out of place emotions. They suddenly make sense. It seems so obvious that many of them simply were not yours. What a relief!

On the other hand, this shit is crazy! How can I possibly be feeling someone else's feelings? And if I really am? Why are they in here? How do I get them out of me? What about MY feelings? Which ones are which?

If you've read this far, it's no accident that you're here. You are likely either in the midst of an empathic awakening, or on the verge of one. Things might get a little weird, but it's okay. You are not crazy, and you are not alone.

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