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What I do

Although I bear many similarities to a life coach, this is not what I am. In fact, I'm sort of an anti-coach. Most coaches out there are achievement oriented. Individuals who come to me are over-achievers and do not need help achieving - they've got this part covered and are intensely self-motivated. 

Rather, clients who work with me are looking to truly savour their success in a more meaningful way. The rigorous cycle of goal setting and achievement has lost its lustre. For you, success is inevitable - so what's left? If you enjoy being busy, "out there" and in the repetitive cycle of achievement - awesome! My services are not for you. However, if this is the way you've achieved success because it's what you thought success was "supposed" to look like, you have not yet fully created success in your own divine image. No matter what you've heard, you really CAN have your cake AND eat it too!

Have you achieved extraordinary success and are not quite sure what's next?

Clients who work with me are ready to step into a new level of radical self-love, and create success the exact way their soul wants to create it, not according to external images created by society.

I like to work at a very deep and intense level which is why I specialize in private one-on-one healing intensives. I offer one to two-day virtual healing intensives, as well as longer spiritual intensives ranging from 1-4 months in length. For those looking for a shorter, but still intense taste of what I do, I also offer a one-time single Soul Sky Diving Session. Sessions are conducted over telephone or Skype.

Spaces are limited to uphold the integrity of the services.

Clients who work with me invest deeply in themselves both spiritually and financially. They are...


Have your cake and eat it too

You have completed the entré part of your life, and now it's time for dessert.

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