[Video] You Can Stop Being An Empath: Experience Theta Healing

When I first learned I was an empath, everywhere I looked people were saying that you couldn't stop being an empath. THIS IS SIMPLY NOT TRUE. You do not have to go around feeling and taking on other people's stuff. This is an ancient way of healing  and being that may have been necessary in the past for our human evolution and learning, but we are now awakening to a new era of healing that does not require any form of self-sacrifice or suffering.

If you have not experienced ThetaHealing, watch my video and experience the pure clean energy of your pure union with the of the Creator of All That Is. You are worthy and deserving of your freedom and of coming home to yourself. I hope you will join me and receive your activation into this new era of healing!

Wishing you much love and stardust!

Joanna xox

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